Local Governments

One of the Governorís Office of Planning and Researchís (OPR) core principles is to interface with and provide general planning assistance to local governments. The State delegates most local land use and development decisions to cities and counties. Planning decisions usually require local political approval, and reflect the desires and interests of the community. Local and state laws define the process for making planning decisions. (Government Code Sections 65000-66037).

As the state's comprehensive planning agency, OPR has statutory responsibilities to review general plans, prepare general plan guidelines, consider general plan extension requests, and provide other general technical assistance to planning agencies. OPR often acts as a liaison between state and local governments and between state agencies to encourage collaboration in the achievement of land use goals and objectives. OPR annually surveys local planning agencies and responds to thousands of requests for planning assistance from state and local government agencies. OPR, in its role as the state planning agency, provides technical assistance in the areas of land use planning and environmental review.