State Clearinghouse

Established in 1973, the State Clearinghouse (SCH) coordinates the state-level review of environmental documents that are prepared pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). As a division of the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR), the SCH is at the center of state agency involvement in the CEQA environmental review process. Operation of the SCH is governed and defined by the CEQA Guidelines (California Code of Regulations, Title 14, Sections 15000-15387), which describes the SCH’s roles and responsibilities regarding environmental review.

The SCH also functions as the “State Single Point of Contact” for coordinating state and local review of applications for federal grants or loans under select state programs (Presidential Executive Order 12372). In this capacity, the SCH coordinates state and local review of federal financial assistance applications, federally required state plans, direct federal development activities, and federal environmental documents. The purpose of the process is to afford state and local participation in federal activities occurring within California. The Executive Order does not replace public participation, comment, or review requirements of other federal laws, such as the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), but gives the states an additional mechanism to ensure federal agency responsiveness to state and local concerns.

Office and Delivery Hours and Location


Announcements and Technical Advisories

OPR makes available information about notices of exemption, notices of preparation, notices of determination, and notices of completion to the public through CEQAnet (CEQA Guidelines Section 15023 (h)). The publishing of information on CEQAnet does not factor into when such notices were received and posted by the SCH. Once the information uploads to CEQAnet, the official SCH posting date is referred to as the "date received."

Disclaimer: Summaries of the notices may take several days to appear on CEQAnet. Again, the publishing of information on CEQAnet does not factor into when such notices were received and posted by the SCH.

CEQA Document Submission
The SCH coordinates the State review of the CEQA environmental documents. Here, the process is briefly described along with links to sample forms and notices.

CEQA Statutes and Guidelines

Federal Grant Review
The SCH functions as the single point of contact for review of federal grant or loan applications, in accordance with Presidential Executive Order 12372. Check here to see if your grant application requires state review and how to file your application with the SCH.

General Plan Guidelines
State statute requires OPR to prepare General Plan guidelines, consider General Plan extension requests, and receive General Plan Annual Progress Reports.

Summary of Postings
Summarizes the documents processed by the SCH.

OPR, in its role as the state planning agency, provides technical assistance in the areas of land use planning and environmental review. Click here for publications and links to other resources.

State Clearinghouse Handbook
A technical guide for lead and responsible agencies, project proponents, and the public on the SCH procedures for reviewing environmental documents.