Press Release Join a Just Transition Roadmap Workshop in May

Published: 4/23/2021

As OPR and the Labor and Workforce Development Agency work to design and deliver California’s first Just Transition Roadmap by July 2021, we invite you to learn more and share your thoughts during one of three virtual workshops in May.

A “Just Transition” ensures that all Californians share in the health and economic benefits of a low-carbon economy. The Just Transition Roadmap is not the last word: It is the beginning of much longer, community-directed transition to a high road economy – one that builds a California for All by focusing on job quality, equity, sustainability, and regions-up planning.

Participants will identify priorities for California’s Just Transition Roadmap, and lay the groundwork for action along its five (5) primary vectors:

  • Economic Diversification & High Road Job Creation
  • Industrial Planning for economic transition
  • Safety Net Innovation to support impacted workers and communities
  • Workforce Development once high road jobs identified and/or created
  • Regional & Industry Partnership Development to design and implement all of the above

You can also get involved by completing a brief survey to share your insights and priorities for the Just Transition Roadmap.