California @ 50 Million

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By 2050, California’s population will have reached 50 million. Accommodating this growth while achieving environmental and economic goals will shape the direction of the state’s growth. In 2050, we envision a state that is built around a strong economy, thriving urban areas, prosperous rural regions, a clean environment, a clean and efficient energy system, and efficient and sound infrastructure.

This website provides links to the state’s goals and key indicators for tracking progress toward meeting them.

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California @ 50 Million: Indicators for the Future

California’s Changing Climate

Climate Change is already affecting the state’s natural systems, weather, and ecosystems. The magnitude and speed of this change will shape the state’s future. The state is taking steps to understand the changes that are underway, reduce the emissions that cause global warming, and build resilience.
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Decarbonize the Energy & Transportation Systems

Meeting the state’s goals will require a transformation of the energy and transportation systems. This will include increasing energy efficiency and cleaning up energy generation, transportation, and fuels. learn more...

Conserve and Steward Natural Resources

Conserving the state’s working and resource lands is critical for maintaining biodiversity, supporting the state’s agricultural sector, and recreation and cultural values.

Build Sustainable and Healthy Communities

Regional sustainability – from an economic, environmental, and resource point of view will foster healthy communities and meeting state goals.

Build Climate Resilience into All Policies

Climate change poses risk to the natural and built environment in California. Building preparedness and resilience into all policies will be needed to reduce the risks of climate change.