Local Government Roundtable

OPR invites local governments to participate in our Local Government Roundtable bi-monthly conference call. The Local Government Roundtable provides an opportunity for greater interaction between the Governorís Office, local governments, and planning agencies to discuss issues of primary concern related to land use planning and local government coordination. This approach allows for open discourse of important issues and informs OPRís decision making process. OPR regularly seeks input from local governments on important topic areas and this is one mechanism used to ensure OPR is responding to the needs of local governments.

Upcoming Local Government Roundtable

Tuesday, September 29, 2015
Call-in #: 1-866-640-4044 / Passcode: 722283

To email in a question for discussion, please email: Roundtable@opr.ca.gov


CEQA Guidelines: OPR released a preliminary discussion draft of updates to the CEQA Guidelines on August 11, 2015. These potential updates address a wide array of topics suggested to OPR in response to its Solicitation for Input during the Summer of 2013 and in on-going outreach. The changes include efficiency improvements, including updated exemptions and a revised Appendix G Initial Study Checklist, water supply, energy analysis, and many other technical updates. Comments on the preliminary draft are requested by October 12, 2015.
Speaker: Christopher Calfee, OPR

Tribal Cultural Resources and CEQA. AB 52 (Gatto, 2014): New provisions of CEQA requiring analysis of tribal cultural resources and tribal consultation went into effect on July 1, 2015. OPR prepared a draft Technical Advisory to explain those changes, and is currently considering what changes to the CEQA Guidelines may be appropriate.
Speaker: Holly Roberson, OPR

AB 52 Presentation (pdf)

SB 743: In August 2014, OPR released a draft of changes to the CEQA Guidelines updating the analysis of transportation impacts. Since the comment period closed on that draft, OPR has been working on potential revisions.
Speakers: Christopher Calfee, OPR / Chris Ganson, OPR

General Plan Guidelines Update: The Governorís Office of Planning and Research has been engaged in a thorough update of the General Plan Guidelines (GPG). The new GPG will include resources, data, tools, and model policies to help cities and counties update their general plans, and has been informed by extensive outreach and collaboration. A draft of the updated guidelines should be available for public comment in the Fall of 2015. We would like to update you on some of the changes, new tools, and improvements we have been working on.
Speaker: Sahar Shirazi, OPR

GPG Presentation (pdf)

To email in a question for discussion, please email: Roundtable@opr.ca.gov