Published CEQA Cases

Every year, California’s courts render decisions on the meaning of specific provisions of CEQA and the CEQA Guidelines. Decisions of California’s appellate courts that create new rules of law, or provide new interpretations of existing law, are published. Published appellate decisions are binding and can be cited in other lawsuits. Therefore, in addition to changes in the statute and CEQA Guidelines, public agencies and CEQA practitioners must also be aware of new published decisions in CEQA cases. 

The Natural Resources Agency, together with the California Environmental Resources Evaluation System (CERES), has collected major published court decisions interpreting CEQA and the CEQA Guidelines from 1972 to the present. Please note, since new CEQA cases are frequently published, some of which may criticize or overrule prior cases, be sure to confer with your legal counsel before relying on any of these cases.