The California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine (CIAPM) team, which is part of the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research, has released a Request for Proposals (RFP) on precision medicine approaches for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of depression.

This funding opportunity aims to drive innovation by applying a precision medicine approach to improve outcomes for patients with or at risk for depression, particularly as a path to reduce health inequities. The CIAPM team will award up to $9 million total across three to five independent research teams ($1.8 to $3 million per team) over a three-year project term. To ensure the RFP is responsive to community needs, CIAPM hosted a Request for Information and held listening sessions throughout California.

California-based research teams must be co-led by at least one non-profit academic research institution and at least one non-profit community-based organization, patient advocacy group, community clinic, or public or tribal entity that provides support to people with or at risk for depression. By the full proposal stage, projects must also include at least one private sector collaborator who contributes in-kind, financial, or other resources to the project. The private sector collaborator should not be a PI and CIAPM funds may not be allocated to support salaries of private sector collaborators.

Letters of Intent (LOI) are required, nonbinding, and not scored during the selection process, but must be received by the noted deadline. CIAPM encourages applicants to begin drafting the concept proposals as soon as possible and not necessarily wait until after LOI submission.

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David Reiner, PhD
David Reiner is a Science Officer within the California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine.