Land Use Resources

One of the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research’s (OPR) primary responsibilities is working with state agencies and departments, regional planning organizations, and local jurisdictions on topics related to land use planning. OPR is designated in statute as the state comprehensive planning agency. Accordingly, it is responsible for the following programs and activities:

  • Formulate long-range goals and policies for land use, population growth and distribution, urban expansion, land development, resource preservation, and other factors affecting statewide development patterns.
  • Assist in the preparation of functional plans by state agencies and departments which relate to protection and enhancement of the state's environment.
  • Ensure that all state policies and programs conform to the state's adopted land use planning goals and programs.
  • Create regional planning districts.
  • Establish a Planning Advisory and Assistance Council.
  • Prepare the state's Environmental Goals and Policy Report (EGPR) every four years.
  • Develop and adopt guidelines for the preparation of city and county general plans.
  • Provide general planning assistance to local governments.
  • Serve as the state's "single point of contact" for evaluation of federal funding proposals.
  • In conjunction with other agencies, assist with an Inter-Regional Partnership State Pilot Project (administered by HCD).
  • Prepare guidelines for the newly-required comprehensive service review and for fiscal analysis of incorporation proposals, as required by legislation that reforms local agency formation commission (LAFCO) duties, powers, and procedures.