Announcement 2020 CIAPM Annual Report Released

Published: 6/23/2021

The Governor's Office of Planning and Research is pleased to announce the release of California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine’s (CIAPM) 2020 Annual Report to the California Legislature.

In a year defined by a pandemic, a national reckoning over racial injustice, and increasing climate-related disasters including devastating wildfires and several months of extreme heat, CIAPM continued to lead and participate in wide-ranging, cross-agency efforts to further medical sciences, elevate community partnerships, and engage experts in helping to shape the next chapter of health and wellbeing in a modern era of scientific and inclusive leadership.

Download the Annual Report

CIAPM staff have prepared this report to showcase 2020 programmatic and project highlights, which include:

  • Advancing the State's response to COVID-19 by contributing time and expertise as members of the Governor's COVID-19 Testing Task Force and the Governor's Future Opportunities Task Force
  • Establishing and convening the California Precision Medicine Advisory Council, in coordination with the Senate, Assembly, and California Health and Human Services Agency
  • Launching two Advisory Council working groups focused on 1) integrating data about Social Determinants of Health into electronic health records, and 2) engaging with underrepresented communities to increase participation in biomedical research
  • Co-authoring and supporting the release of the first-ever California Surgeon General's Report
  • Adding to OPR's capacity to address systemic racism by participating in the Capitol Collaborative on Race and Equity, and continuing to fund research that directly addressed health disparities
  • Expanding programmatic communications and outreach with a new monthly newsletter and public-facing resources on our website
  • Engaging the wider precision health community by speaking at national and international conferences and participating on panels

Briefings on the report were delivered to the legislature and stakeholders on June 17 and are available.