Integrated Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Program

Governor Brown signed Senate Bill 246 (Wieckowski, PRC 71354) in 2015, which directs OPR to form the Integrated Climate Adaptation and Resilience Program. The Program is designed to develop a cohesive and coordinated response to the impacts of climate change across the state. Through its activities, the Program will develop holistic strategies to coordinate climate activities at the state, regional and local levels, while advancing social equity.

The Program has two components: the State Adaptation Clearinghouse and the Technical Advisory Council (TAC). The State Adaptation Clearinghouse is a centralized source of information and resources to assist decision makers at the state, regional, and local levels when planning for and implementing climate adaptation projects to promote resiliency across California.

The Technical Advisory Council brings together local government, practitioners, scientists, and community leaders to help coordinate activities that better prepare California for the impacts of a changing climate. (TAC members bring expertise in the intersection of climate change and the sector-based areas outlined in SB 246 PRC 71358(b).) The TAC supports OPR in its goal to facilitate coordination among state, regional and local adaptation and resiliency efforts, with a focus on opportunities to support local implementation actions that improve the quality of life for present and future generations.

The Program will engage ongoing State-led climate activities, including the Climate Action Team  and Safeguarding California , to achieve its goals.

California Legislation and Governor's Executive Orders on Climate Change is a detailed list of executive orders and legislation specific to climate change as of November 2008. For current legislation related to climate change or similar subjects, please visit the Official California Legislative Information website. Climate Change Programs is a detailed explanation of activities California is engaged in to address climate change. "Climate Changers" is an innovative video initiative to share hot lessons and cool solutions. We invite you to browse through our video library and to subscribe to our YouTube page .

Resources for Local Government Climate Change Planning, Policy and Mitigation, outside of what we offer at OPR:

Examples of Policies to Address Climate Change (California Attorney General's Office)

The California Attorney General's Office compiled resources and examples of Sustainability and General Plans to assist cities and counties in addressing climate change in their general plan updates:

Sustainability and General Plans

Housing Elements and Climate Change (The Department of Housing and Community Development)

The Department of Housing and Community Development provides guidance on issues specific to housing elements and climate change, including the document, Housing Element Policies and Programs Addressing Climate Change.

Guidance on Housing and Climate Change

Housing Element Policies and Programs Addressing Climate Change

Model Policies for Greenhouse Gases (California Air Pollution Control Officers Association)

In June 2009, the California Air Pollution Control Officers Association released a guidance document, which includes a discussion of general plan structure, a menu of model policy language, and a worksheet to assist cities and counties in evaluating the effectiveness and cost of potential measures.

Model Policies for Greenhouse Gases in General Plans

Sustainable Transportation (CalTrans)

The California Department of Transportation issued “Smart Mobility 2010: A Call to Action for the New Decade,” in February 2010. The document sets out the agency's concept for a "Smart Mobility Framework" that integrates transportation and land use decision making. The Framework "emphasizes travel choices, healthy, livable communities, reliable travel times for people and freight, and safety for all users." Smart Mobility 2010 describes sustainable transportation strategies that should be considered for implementation at every level of government, including in general plans and regional transportation plans.

Smart Mobility Framework

Sustainable Energy (California Energy Commission)

The California Energy Commission's energy guide document, issued in March 2011, is a comprehensive resource for local governments seeking to reduce energy use, improve energy efficiency and increase usage of renewable energy. It includes recommended strategies related to land use, transportation, buildings, water use, and community energy

Energy Aware Planning Guide

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