Tribal Cultural Resources and CEQA

Assembly Bill 52 (Chapter 532, Statutes 2014) required an update to Appendix G (Initial Study Checklist) of the CEQA Guidelines to include questions related to impacts to tribal cultural resources. Changes to Appendix G were approved by the Office of Administrative Law on September 27, 2016. OPR subsequently updated our version of Appendix G to include the questions and language that was approved by the Office of Administrative Law.

Appendix G with AB 52 Changes

CEQA Guidelines Appendix G (pdf)
CEQA Guidelines Appendix G (word)

AB 52 Regulatory Background

Information on the rulemaking process and associated documents for amendments to Appendix G required by AB 52 can be found on the Natural Resources Agency’s web-page at:


OPR in cooperation with the California Environmental Protection Agency, Native American Heritage Commission and the National Indian Justice Center provided training on AB 52 for lead agencies and Tribal governments. Video and training materials are available at this link: Please click here for more information.

Supporting Documents

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