ICARP Adaptation Clearinghouse

OPRís Integrated Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Program (ICARP) is responsible for coordinating and maintaining the State Adaptation Clearinghouse (PRC 71360).

The Adaptation Clearinghouse serves as a centralized source of information that provides the resources necessary to guide decision makers at the state, regional, and local levels when planning for and implementing climate adaptation projects to promote resiliency to climate change in California.

The clearinghouse is an evolving resource that OPR will be updating as new resources and information become available. OPR is collaborating with State agency partners, local and regional governments, and communities across the state to provide relevant and timely resources that advance climate adaptation and resiliency efforts throughout the state and beyond.

Resources currently hosted on the Adaptation Clearinghouse include:

  • Case Studies which show examples of how communities are addressing climate change throughout California and the United States.
  • Local actions being taken in California through policy and program initiatives. Through the GIS map, click on any local government to see the work they are doing on climate change.
  • Science and projection related guidance to support state-wide consistency and use of authoritative sources of information on science and projections.
  • Policy and guidance to support climate change adaptation.
  • Tools and resources to support climate change adaptation activities.