What are the CEQA Guidelines?

The CEQA Guidelines (Title 14, Division 6, Chapter 3 of the California Code of Regulations) are administrative regulations governing implementation of the California Environmental Quality Act. The CEQA Guidelines reflect the requirements set forth in the Public Resources Code, as well as court decisions interpreting the statute and practical planning considerations. Among other things, the CEQA Guidelines explain how to determine whether an activity is subject to environmental review, what steps are involved in the environmental review process, and the required content of environmental documents. The CEQA Guidelines apply to public agencies throughout the state, including local governments, special districts, and State agencies.

Public Resources Code section 21083 requires the Office of Planning and Research and the Natural Resources Agency to periodically update the CEQA Guidelines.

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Jennifer Holman
Jennifer Holman was appointed Chief Counsel of the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research in December 2022. Ms. Holman and the Legal Affairs office provide legal advice to OPR on a range of legal issues covering the scope of OPR’s statutory charge, including environmental and land use law.