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California is experiencing the worst water crisis in our modern history. We are in the third consecutive year of extremely dry conditions. Precipitation and snowpack are a small fraction of their normal averages, reservoirs are at very low levels and rivers have severely diminished flows. We face extreme water scarcity for an uncertain amount of time. This growing crisis made it necessary for Governor Brown to proclaim a state of emergency in January and call on all Californians to reduce their water consumption by 20%. We are taking immediate action to conserve all we can, including holding back water in our reservoirs for use later in the year. We are also taking steps to increase water storage, conservation, recycling, water transfers and other solutions that will increase our water reliability for years to come.

Californians pull together in times of crisis. Local governments and agencies around the state have already taken action by calling for or requiring conservation, declaring emergencies, and identifying and implementing projects to increase resiliency in water management. Most communities have already begun coordinating with their neighbors, the state and federal government.

We need your help:
  • Conserve at least 20%
  • Communicate with the State through your county office of emergency services
  • Get the latest drought information

OPR Concurrence

City of Montague - Local Drought Actions (06/5/2014)

Cambria Community Services District - Local Drought Actions (09/12/2014)


Local Government Drought Toolkit


These sample templates cite sections of the California Water Code and Government Code, but each agency can also cite to any applicable local ordinances or local codes. Additional language will need to be added to address local conditions, especially to establish facts that support making any necessary findings.

Local Government Drought Proclamation Template
Cities Counties Sample Ordinance Adopting Water Conservation Program Template
Municipal Water Districts Drought Emergency Resolution Template
Municipal Water Districts Sample Ordinance Adopting Water Use Restrictions Template

Drought Task Force Follow-up Memos

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