Announcement OPR Publishes Wildfire Planning Resources

Published: 8/17/2022

To help communities address wildfire risks, OPR released a Final Draft of the updated Fire Hazard Planning Technical Advisory, along with a new Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) Planning Guide. These resources provide a framework and examples for local agencies to reference as they plan and implement wildfire solutions.

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General Plan Fire Hazard Planning Technical Advisory

In response to Senate Bill 901 (Dodd, 2018) and Assembly Bill 2911 (Friedman, 2018), OPR updated its Fire Hazard Planning Technical Advisory to include “specific land-use strategies that reduce fire risk to buildings, infrastructure, and communities”. The update also helps communities: 

  • Conduct outreach and engagement activities to promote more robust and collaborative wildfire solutions; 
  • Conduct comprehensive wildfire hazard and risk assessments; 
  • Align and integrate these assessments across a variety of plans; and 
  • Develop general plan policies and programs that reduce risk for existing and future communities. 

OPR released a Public Draft of the updated Technical Advisory in November 2020. The Final Draft includes revisions in response to stakeholder feedback, along with other minor edits.

Wildfire Technical Advisory PDF

Wildland-Urban Interface Planning Guide

OPR’s new Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) Planning Guide highlights how local agencies across California can leverage plans, regulations, and additional tools to reduce risk in wildfire-prone areas. The guide also features nine best practice case studies that offer opportunities for learning and solutions that may be suitable for adoption in other communities. The Guide is a complementary and supplemental resource to the Fire Hazard Planning Technical Advisory

Complete WUI Planning Guide PDF

Individual Best Practice Case Studies